G.P Fund Advance

G.P Fund Advance Form

If you are a teacher and want G.P Fund advance refundable or non refundable then for all teachers required form are available on DEOSE khanewal .Here you can download form using for this.

Step by step procedure is given below for advance G.P fund.

  • A application will be sent to account office from applicant through DDO for G.P fund Slip.
  • After taking G.P Fund slip Login to HRMS.
  • In Finance Management Tab select Advance G.P. Fund.
  • Then apply for G.P fund in your HRMS account.
  • Your request will sent to DDO for permission.
  • After forwarding DDO application will sent to higher authorities for further action.
  • Necessary form are attached here for this process.

All these form are available in editable shame like in MS-word.you can also download

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