CS101 Mid Term exam Quiz 1

CS101-Introduction to computing Quiz No.1

Are you looking for a reliable platform to prepare for your Virtual University CS101 course and ace it in the first arrempt?  DEOSE Khanewal is your spot. Here, we are going to conduct mock exams for Virtual University CS101 course that are MCQs based. While attempting them, you will get the real examination experience as we conduct them virtually just like your final exam conducted by Virtual University.

If you are a beginner and want to excel in the Computer Science, CS101 course is specifically crafted for you. In simple words, it is an Introductory course in Computer Science that starts form a very basic level and slowly leads towards a professional knowledge. The course content of this course is arranged in this manner that you proceed from beginner to professional level without facing any difficulty. This is so because in the beginning you are taught the core concepts that you must know followed by necessary descriptions of the respective topic. The most amazing thing about this course by Virtual University is that it develops a whole vibe of web programming via productive lectures besides leading the peers learn a whirlwind history of Computing. Learning this, you will be able to develop your own web page.

Absolute beginners or those from educational backgrounds other than Computer Science, may find this learning this course a bit tricky. If you are interested in taking this course and ace your exam this time in the first attempt and want to save your time as well, we are here to provide you with legitimate content. We understand the necessity of a good platform to stock to and cracking the exams in the first run to hit the mark. That’s why, we have come up with mock MCQs based paper for you that will help your prepare for the final exam and save time along with being cost effective.

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CS101 Quiz No.1 Mid Term

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Which of the following is NOT a category of Mobile Computers?


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When the microprocessor desires to look at a piece of data, it checks in the                              first.


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In which case Cache Memory is used

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                                is used to terminate all JavaScript statements.

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Hexadecimal number system is based on------

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Which representation technique of algorithm is more suitable for developer to make actual code                         .

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The first spread sheet program was invented by

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In spreadsheets, cell address A12 means _        

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To display a single line text area on the web page, we use


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<UL> tag is used to


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Mainframe Computers are also called _

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In java script cookies can be created for future use           .


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Bringing subsystems together to form the system is called        


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Users communicate with the computer using a consistent user interface provided by the OS.

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Information on World Wide Web is __►


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Which of the following is/are the parts of Operating system components?

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Application developers do not need to know much about the HW, especially the microProcessor, while they are developing their application.

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The key feature of Scientific/Engineering/Graphics applications is

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To help you achieve your goals, the collaborative efforts of our team have resulted in collecting all the necessary stuff that might be valuable for you. Our team crafts these MCQs by following the guidelines set by Virtual University for this course. All the mock questions are totally aligned to the course content of CS101. By solving these questions, you will feel the exact exam experience as we are also conducting them virtually like Virtual University.

By sticking to us and attempting our mock papers, you will be able to achieve the collective objectives of this course. They include:

  • Achieving proficiency in Web Page Development as a beginner.
  • Building the fundamental concepts in computing.
  • Becoming familiar with PC productivity software.

We appreciate all those students who extend their trust in us and it is the same thing that helps us come forward with all the authentic guide regarding Virtual University CS101 course. Besides this course, we are offering productive and reliable content regarding various exams. Support us by sticking to us and having trust in us.

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