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CS101 Introduction to computing Online Exam

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CS201 Quiz No.1 Mid Term

CS201-Introduction to Programming helps us to increase our knowledge

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MS word is type of        software. imp

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Declaring structures does not mean that memory is allocated.

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How many dimensions does n-dimensional array has? 


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If a variable is passed by value to a function and the function makes some changes to that variable then it


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When break statement is encountered in switch statement, it



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The function will return a reference to the global variable that exits throughout the program and thus there will be no danger of----------------------- --.

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What will be the correct syntax to access the value of fourth element of an array using pointer ptr?


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In C/C++ the #include is called,


Statement Function

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In C/C++ the string constant is enclosed




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Identify the logical error in the following if condition If (( i<5) &&(i>5))

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In C/C++ language the header file which is used to perform useful task and manipulation of character data is


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=operator is used for--------- --.

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Reference Variables must--------------- --.

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For one byte there are            combinations of values that can be stored in computer.

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What is the correct syntax to declare an array of size 10 of int data type?

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In C/C++, a variable’s name can start with the symbol-------- --.

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Default case in switch statement is,

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What will be the result of arithmetic expression 6+27/3*3?

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Compiler is a

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The exclusive OR operator returns 1 if----------- --.

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Which of the following values C++ use to represent true and false?


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Individual characters in a string stored in an array can be accessed directly using array----- --.

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If int a = 50; then the value of a/=3; will be

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What will be result of the expression K=++m;

If initially K=0 and m=5?

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a ^= b; can be written as

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To prevent dangling reference the function returning reference should be sued with------- --.

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For which array, the size of the array should be one more than the number of elements in an array?

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aFile- seeking (-10L,ios:cur)

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If Num is an integer variable then Num++ means,


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Loops are------------------------ Structure.


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Structure use---- for memory allocation

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Which is the correct syntax to define a structure named “student”?

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Operating system is a type-------- software.

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If you are a beginner and want to excel in the Computer Science, CS101 course is specifically crafted for you. In simple words, it is an Introductory course in Computer Science that starts form a very basic level and slowly leads towards a professional knowledge. The course content of this course is arranged in this manner that you proceed from beginner to professional level without facing any difficulty. This is so because in the beginning you are taught the core concepts that you must know followed by necessary descriptions of the respective topic. The most amazing thing about this course by Virtual University is that it develops a whole vibe of web programming via productive lectures besides leading the peers learn a whirlwind history of Computing. Learning this, you will be able to develop your own web page.

CS 101-Introduction to Computing Quiz No-9

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By sticking to us and attempting our mock papers, you will be able to achieve the collective objectives of this course. They include:

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